I have used mac since 91 when I got a mac LC, that is 30 uninterrupted years of use now so its hard to let go. I have some PC's now as well for visual applications. There is no way around it anymore. But I hang on to my trashcan and macbook for every day use. Big sur almost tipped me over the point with all the ios vibes. I only upgraded because the recently released Octane X renderer demands it and maybe it would wake up the eternally slumbering AMD firepro's in the trashcan. (Its not bad, but its a 2013 gpu, so it is what it is)

For studio work, I am trying out Parsec. It is a free screen sharing solution targeted at the game community, who are notoriously latency intolerant.
It took me 2 min to install and now I have the power of my GPU workhorse running in a window on my mac.

So this is how I will deal with it for now. I can stay on my trashcan and have all my GPU intensive stuff crunch away on the PC without leaving the couch. And a bit of windows drudgery actually kind of balances out the noveltyfication of big sur. 

So I think its time to swap out the trashcan for a M1(X) mcMini with Parsec. And maybe after that kick the apple habit completely. At the moment I am trying to figure out which miracle is more likely: apple to be more pro and less iphone again, or windows to reinvent themselves with a soul? What do you think?