i think the issue i'm having is related to this older post Re: [[ANSWERED] Refresh FPS and monitor / Stage Preview](/topic/6403/answered-refresh-fps-and-monitor-stage-preview) and am hoping it will be addressed when this bug is fixed?

I use 3 monitors in my control panels, all previewing results of some fairly fast movie clip cutting/mixing. Am using HAP encoded movies (vid-gpu), on a high-specd 16" MBP and am very happy with the projector output performance... BUT the monitor previews can't keep up and each seems to be well below 30fps, meaning i have to mix off the main projected screen and not the preview monitors (which i'd prefer).

I've tried adjusting each monitors "fps limit" between 0 and 30 but doesn't seems to make any difference. Am hoping that when this bug is fixed, if i set the fps limit = 0 then it will display at max fps my system can support (and will match the projector output).

Am forever thankful Isadora is in my life, Mr J