Live Video Input with USB video grabber doesn´t work

  • Hello!

    I am running Isadora on a Windows XP machine and try to import a live video stream.
    I connected a simple USB2.0 video grabber, but when I start Live Capture the video image (Channel 1) is just black. Isadora detects the grabber device correctly, just the video doesn´t show up.  If I use the video grabber with any other software it works fine. 
    Video grabber:
    Any hints?

  • Tech Staff

    Hello Chris

    What version of Isadora are you using?


  • Version 1.3.0f24

  • meanwhile, I also tried to capture live video via Firewire with a DV-Camcorder, but also no video is showing up in Isadora.... with other programs  I can see the image from the cam.

  • Tech Staff

    so please update Isadora to the latest pre-release and try it with that. Does that help?


  • thank you Michel,

    the update solved the problem!
    Video Input works now!

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