• Hi do anybody have a good tip on how i could broadcast a video stream between two macs using quick time and isadora to project it out...?

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    how is that? Sorry I don't understand how its using two macs?

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    There is no easy way to share video between two macs. You may be able to do it with Syphon and the Syphon to Network application. 


  • Sorry but I was a little bit unclear. I want to broadcast one live video stream from one mac via internet to another mac on a different location, and then project the live video stream out via Isadora. Is there a easy way of using quick time broadcaster or other broadcasters, and then using quick time pro to save the stream as reference movie, and then import reference movie to isadora?

  • I use a library called gstreamer to send video over the internet (with audio and OSC together all in sync and everything is bidirectional) and I have this working with syphon in and out at either end. I use NAT transversal so you dont have to open ports anywhere and a secure login to connect. If you have a really good connection I can even get HD streams working. You can PM me if you are interested but it is not something I can give away for free at this time.

  • how about screen sharing, VNC, QC syphonNetcam, kineme video tools …..



    OSX 10.9 IsadoraCore latest

  • Basically, we have to seperate locations (Island and Norway), and we have one webcam at each location and one projector. We want to stream the webcam in Island to Norway and Vice versa (only video stream btw). Because of uneven surfaces we have to project trough Isadora to adjust Keystone X/Y.

    We have tried using QuickTimeBroadcaster -> Wowza.com -> Quicktime pro (save file as Referance movie) ->Isadora, but with no luck. Isadora just displays a black screen when we use "Show Stage", nor does it shows any Thumbnails.

    We have, in QuickTimeBroadcaster tried MPEG-4, H.264, JPEG 2000 and M-JPEG A/B compressors, we have tried different quality settings, different FPS

    We have a theory that the problem lies in QuicktimeBroadcaster or Wowza, but we're not sure.?

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    What version of Isadora are you using? Do you see the Quicktime stream with QuickTime player? What do you mean with "nor does it show any thumbnails?


  • hi michel

    Im using the 1.3.0f24 version! I can see the Quicktime stream in Quicktime Pro, so far so good. But when I try to import the reference movie in to the media folder, the  thumbnail image in the media folder appear withe, i can choose the movie in movie player but no picture appear in the connection string previewer between the movie player and projector, neither in stage preview..
    b.w asle

  • I used some ipcameras with syponNetcamera, to get the video streams into Isadora via syphone to video actor, for one camera I had to open the  ipcamera html page in safari, to enable the stream to Isadora, syphone to video actor.

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    I guess the thumbnail will always be white, the system doesn't know what video will come in when you open the stream, so it can't show you a thumbnail of the video. Try the newest pre-realeas version and look if that solves your problem with not getting a picture.

  • Dear asfelp,

    I found a stream at


    that I used for a test. (Reference movie attached.)

    I can verify that it didn't work in 1.3.0f24, but does work in the current pre-release (1.3.1f06.)

    Get the pre-release here: http://troikatronix.com/download/isadora-pre-releases/

    Best Wishes,
    Mark 3c3092-slcn_lifestyle.mov.zip

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    Dear aslelp,

    I've had fairly reliable results using a program called IPCAM2syphon for receiving incoming IP video (for example between AU and CA). It'll convert up to 16 streams of IP video to syphon textures.

    The most important thing I've found for use with izzie is to make sure that the ip cameras  you are using to transmit video are able to be set and locked to mjpeg compression.

    Here's the link to the github site:  https://github.com/bakercp/IPCAM2SYPHON


    As a side note - I used to use quicktime broadcaster but I haven't been able to get it to work since 10.8 was introduced.