Multiple cameras in a Mack Book Pro

  • Hi everybody

    Actually I am using Isadora connecting my videocamera to an Canopus AV/DV interface via the firewire port. But the point is that I want to ad more cameras to Isadora. I don't need necessarily to work with HD, for me it's ok with PAL resolution but I am not sure if the av/usb converters work fine. I read in a previous discussion that I only can  use usb recorders compatibles with video glide driver. Am I right?
    There is any list of recommended USB recorders to connect my camera with out need of using the video glide driver?
    On the other hand. Is it possible to connect 2 different cameras in the same firewire port using a firewire hub?
    And finally do you know any cheap video composite video switcher to connect multiple cameras? The point is that with the one that I am using now there is a black gap of about 1 second each time hat I switch the camera input. By the way, I have this switcher connected to the Canopus.
    Thanks in advance

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