Connecting Arduino to Isadora

  • Hi again.
    Does anybody knows any tutorial/manual showing how to connect arduino to isadora? 

  • Hello,

    There is some (google is your friend, arduino + isadora), here is a thread I begun, with an actualisation by.
    But you have to be more precise of what you want from the connection, sensor input? actuator output? computing inside arduino?
    On this forum and on the arduino forum you can find help but its good to begin with the example I give you.
    Jacques Hoepffner

  • Hi Jacques,

    What I would like to do is to send to Isadora information when some buttons are pressed in Arduino. I want to know which button is pressed to activate different movies.
    I have found this tutorial, it can be helpful.  
    I will tell you if I get stuck.


    this is pretty much all I ever needed.
    Load one scetch to Arduino, another to Isadora and off you go.

  • Hi Viapiana,

    there are several methods, usually I let arduino communicate with isadora via serial port (printing serial values from arduino and activating serial communication in isadora, and setting up correctly sieral in watcher actor. But also can communicate via OSC, instead. This require a little more programming in arduino (and maybe some hardware like ethernet or wifi shield)

  • HI guys,

    Thanks for information, I'll start trying to connect them via serial port using the examples sketches . I'll upload the video of the installation once I've finished it.