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    I am trying to build a mobile-like structure in 3D space using a series of images or 3d objects that spin on their own axis and orbit around a center-point in XYZ space. I have been playing with the 3d player which allows me to manipulate the object around its own anchor point, but it does not allow me to create an orbit.

    Is there any way of orbiting an object around a centrpoint in 3d space? I am looking for something that is like the Spinner actor but for 3D.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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  • I think I figured it out here. I used a combination of the 3d player and the 3d renderer. The x or z translate values on the 3d player offsets the 3D object from the center. A wave generator with a sawtooth attached to the y rotation on the 3d renderer animates the object rotating around the offset.

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    Nice. Glad you've solved the problem. Always good when you solve something :)

  • I have the mechanics of it working, but when I use multiple 3D Players, Isdora is not occluding objects based on Z-Depth. Is there any best practices or workaround for this?

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  • I know that is late but it may be helpful to try changing the axis in 3D application