• @michel ..your cameras are bit out of range for our budget :(. because if i get it to work, there will be a total of 6 cams for the project.

    i found a cam on the net, not sure how to connect it to isadora :(  http://wansview.net/products/wansview-nc541w-wireless-ip-camera.html
    i dont need zoom really, 
    so how do you trigger your cams? 

  • @gapworks

    Would it work for you if EpocCam had support for Galileo?
    Basically it is a dock for rotating iPhone remotely costing $130-$150\. Galileo support is something we may add to our app if there is enough interest.

  • @kinoni..it certainly would for future use, but probably not for this project. i´m looking for cams like the one mentioned in my previous post.

    but if u create an app for galileo let me know! i buy it :)
  • Izzy Guru


    I controlled my cams via RS-232 and Isadora. The camera you mention seems to be controlled via a webbrowser. I think the easiest way to get it into Isadora is to use IPCAM2SYPHON download it HERE.
    You can edit the URL streams your cameras are using in the stream.xml file you find it in the data folder. Now you will get the camera streams into isadora with syphon. The app supports up to 16 cameras.


  • @ michel great Hint with IPCAM"SYPHON the stream works great but how would i control PTZ ?


  • For network controlled IP cameras with PTZ you will probably have to make your own solution using TCP to control them. I dont think there is anything out of the box for this. I had a look at the code for IPtoSyphon and it does not expose any of the controls but you will find the control protocol in the manual. It is usually fine to log in to a camera from two separate places, this may make things easier for you. Use ip to syphon to get the image and use another machine or even an iphone to do the controls if you dont want to go to the trouble of understanding the protocol and implementing it.


  • @fred. Thanks for the answer. As far as i understand i will need to find someone to write an actor for my needs. Unfortunately i can´t because i´m a designer not a programmer. :(

    So far so good. Do you know someone that would be willing and able to do such thing? What are Isadora Actors written in, C++ ?

  • @all. the idea i have needs to function within Isadora!!! I find it hard to believe that among all the Pro´s here no one ever needed to control a IP PTZ Cam within Isadora.

  • I think there is a circular argument here. They are not easy to control and get the stream into Isadora you will have to do a lot of work for little gain. They are not made for this and are certainly not pro gear And there are other better quality options. We use analogue or SDI PTZ cameras with rs232 control because we know they will work. I n a real pro setup you would use EMG cams. Same reason you don't park a car in a bicycle rack. You will also find a few posts o. Using yokes and even some made ones, and to control camera zoom and settings yih can use lanc if you have an existing camera you want to use as a PTZ

  • @Gapworks Yes, at first it seems odd, but frankly, it seems that most PTZ cameras are horribly designed, with proprietory quirks, and are also disproportionately expensive compared to other solutions. So they havent been very popular with interactive designers. I had one myself for a project and it was useless. We went back to a standard camera.