Blackmagic Video Capture on Windows 7

  • Dear Users,

    I have an Isadora user who wants to capture video from a Blackmagic Intensity Pro under Windows 7\. He says the card doesn't show up as an input option on the Live Capture Settings window. Unfortunately I can't test this myself, as I'm away from my office for a couple of weeks. 
    Any advice?
    Many thanks in advance,

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    Hi mark, Is blackmagic's desktop video installed on the computer? Does media express software from blackmagic reconising the card? I use blackmagic cards on win7 and I never had such a problem. Best Mehdi

  • Hi,

    I have a problem with a blackmagiq intensity pro on Isadora input (win 7). The card was working and capture well on 1.3.13 ( Device : blackmagiq WDM capture ) , but doesn't work  ( Black screen ) in the new version 1.3.24 . I have also try with 1.3.17 and it's the same, doesn't work...

    I use the last destktop blackmagiq driver (9.5)..   If any body have an idea, i will be happy to use the last version.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Does it work on 1.3.0f13 if you reinstall that? Just want to make sure its not something else.


  • Yes it's work fine on 1.3.13 with the same computer.

    Thanks Victor

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    I have no desktop version right now with me but my intensity shuttle ( usb3 ) works with f24.
    For what I know there is nearly no difference between the usb3 and pci-x version.
    Is capture working with blackmagic's media express ?
    In the control pannel from blackmagic is the right input choosed ?
    In the card settings in isadora capture settings is everything ok ( pal vs ntsc etc... ) ?

  • Yes, it was working with many soft ( première, blckmq media express, arkaos)

    I haven't seen the new Blkmq desktop driver 9.5.2 ( from may 26 ).. I have try it and i don't know why but it's work.

    So, thanks for your help.

    Best,    Victor

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