AV Foundation, Retina Macbook Pro etc

  • Hey all,

    I'm on the verge of getting a new Macbook Pro and among the annoyances I know of (no DVD = no replacing it with a second internal HD) I'm wondering about the ones I don't?

    I know there was talk about switching Izzy fully over to AV Foundation but I don't know where that's at, or what the new machine will break on me.

    Also wondering about the effects of thunderbolt on the old analogue triplehead2go (MDP->VGA adapter).

    I have a mid-2010 macbook pro at the moment running mavericks.  iWebcamera on my phone sends fine into Isadora right now, for instance, and last I checked my Dazzle was working too.

    • Flick

  • Dear Flick,

    There are only two points I can offer here.
    1) The only serious conflict with the retina and Isadora right now is the problem with the internal web cam. I've got a version internally that solves that problem, and will make it available pretty quickly.
    2) If you're using the old TH2Go + Mini Display Port, you'll find the maximum possible resolution is 2400x600 = 3 x 800x600\. No way around that limitation as far as I know.
    I believe IWebcamera and Dazzle will work after the change to the new version -- though they may no longer work once I truly move to AVFoundation. (The update I will offer soon uses an "interim" technology called QTKit. It still works with the old QuickTIme drivers.)
    Others can speak to the other points you asked about.
    Best Wishes,

  • Retina mbp+isadora is pure fun! The 15" has three video outs (hdmi+2xTB) so the triple head is more or less included. Also important to know is that the 15" has a graphics card in addition to the graphics chip. 13" only has the chip. And GPU power is the future IMHO. It hurts when you cash up but I certainly have no regrets.


  • Great, thanks for the info.

    There's so many things to keep track of with every update!

    Even Mavericks caused a lot of graphics problems with older Apple hardware.

  • Hie, I broke my moneybox for a refurb new MBP and wait to recieve it.

    Fubbi, You say "three video outs (hdmi+2xTB)", I read  it was possible to have only 2 out.
    Do you use a thunderbolt screen or just 2 minidisplay and the Hdmi out ?
    My interest on that is:  wich blackmagic intensity shuttle I'll buy ? usb3 or thunderbolt ?
    I dream on a caldigit station with hdmi input...

  • I read somewhere that the usb3 version intensity shuttle was ok on Mavericks but I read the opposite too :

    Any feedbacks...
  • Beta Platinum

    Works perfect on my system: mavericks and usb3 intensity shuttle Cheers, Alex

  • Fred:

    I just tested out the outputs - Apple says the 2013 MBP outputs support "up to two external displays" but I was able to run three!  1x MDP-> VGA, 1x MDP-> DVI and one HDMI direct.

    There was some glitching at first, which went away when I moved windows around to "wipe away" the actual glitchy areas of the screen with them.  That reminds me of the days of Windows 95... even Amiga used sprites for windows and never had to re-draw that way.

    This does indeed remove the need for TripleHead2Go, but now of course I can imagine using it to run 5 displays at once...  :-0

    My test was quite light, short video loops in low resolutions, we'll see how the graphics cards handle something tougher soon.

    I don't get where the Intel Iris Pro comes in - all the external ports show up in the NVIDIA graphics bus in System Report.  What does Iris do?

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    Ahh - seems to work if I scroll up and down.  Weird.