Integrated graphics card ok?

  • Hi folks, I'm thinking of getting a macbook pro but budget won't extend to a 15" with dedicated graphics card!

    I hope to use live video capture and projection to perhaps 2 projectors. Would any of the 13" retina models with just the integrated intel graphics be suitable and if so, what should be the mimum spec?

    In other words, what's the cheapest Macbook Pro I can buy that won't leave me dissapointed or frustrated?

    Thanks, Barry

  • I would try to save somewhere else in my life.

  • I use mini mac, performance not too bad, big change since the invention of computers.

    save your money, I would buy one of the new 2013 models.

  • Tech Staff

    Maybe look at the refurb store?
    Mine was a refurb and I saved about £400.
    I was in the same position - but glad I went for the better machine. 

  • I'm liking the idea of a refurb. Anyone had a bad experience with a refurb Mac?

  • Just good experiences with the refurb store. I would say to go for it.

  • great experience with refurb laptop via FirstTech in Minneapolis. FirstTech ( was in town before Apple opened their own retail stores!

  • Tech Staff

    Apple don't mess around when they refurb a machine. Never had an issue - I know lots of students who went for a refurb rather than educational discount. You will notice the deals don't stay online very long because people buy them.

    The only difference I had was that it didn't come in a 'fancy' box - but it was fully packaged and like new. But funny enough the plan white box it came in was better packaged than the normal one haha. 
    You still get a one year warranty so if there are any problems you can take it back.

  • OK, I'm convinced.
    My next and hopefully last question is 2.3GHz or 2.6? I'd really prefer the cheaper 2.3 (with 16Gb RAM and the NVIDIA 750M graphics card) but should I try and scrape the extra £200 together for the 2.6?
    Thanks as always, Barry