SDK: Accessing bins programatically

  • Hello forumers,
    I'm trying to develop a GetBinNumberByName plugin. Its goal is to be able to use the same cueing feature than GetSceneNumberByName and JumpByName but for media bin names.
    In order to achieve this, I need to be able to access the bin list. In IsadoraCallbacks.h, there is a GetBinNameAndUniqueIDFromIndex_ function, but it needs a ControlInfo* parameter as an input, not an ThingPtr, so I cannot pass it an ActorInfo* as usual. I suppose the GetBinNameAndUniqueIDFromIndex_ function are only available for controls, not for actors.
    Do I really have to build a control instead of an actor? Or is there another way of accessing the bin list from within an actor? I suppose there is, as bins should be separated from controls/actors. After all, some vanilla actors already use this functionality (the 'Get Media Index' actor, for instance), but it may not be included in the SDK?
    Any help will be appreciated.

  • OK, found it. The function I was looking for is not GetBinNameAndUniqueIDFromIndex_ but GetInfoForIndexedBin_, which takes an ActorInfo* as an input parameter.