• Izzy Guru

    Hi All,

    Just a quick note to say that I (and a mate Dan) have been using two of these mixers for the last week or so and we've had no problems. Really nice product.
    Works great with isadora and has some nice features.
    If you are after a nice portable mixer between two computers then take a look. 
    I will do a more detailed review once I have given them a good run over the summer :)
  • Tech Staff

    I want one.. its on my wish list  ;)

  • Yikes! I will be suffering at my June gig with a VGA A/B switch! I want one too... looks like about $1,500usd is required. How is it powered?? Is it compatible with my Matrox T2G-DP-IF ?

  • These mixers are really well designed for using with a matrox dual head to go. If you are interested in this product take a look at two others first, they both a have more features and a similar price.

    This supports matrox and datapath multi monitor setups but also has OSC, DMX keys and macros.
    And also 
    This is for real video resolutions only but is pretty amazing a very cheap (you can slo remote via midi or OSC through 3rd party & developer stuff). I have been using this for some years and once you get by its nuances it is a great machine.
  • Izzy Guru

    Both pieces are hardwired with power (it doesn't show the power on the diagram). @vanderzee.

    We are using it with a datapath x4\. So I am pretty sure it will work with a dual and triple head also.
    I've seen the carrot mixer also - very cool. Also based around the TVOne 1t-C2-750

  • I used it a few times live. perfect for a dual laptop setup