How to view stage on laptop screen in addition to projector

  • Hi,

    Another nube question.

    I'm running cues from the stage and my back is to the projector screen. Is there a way for me to see what's on the stage on my laptop screen?



  • either in Preferences: send a stage to your main display (if you want to use fullscreen) or open a control panel and add a Monitor (if you want a smaller window)

    you're welcome,

  • Awesome! Thanks.

  • I'd like to add a small window using a monitor, but everything under the Controls tab is greyed out, is there something I need to do to make those available?



  • Sarah: go to View, select Actor/Control Split and an empty Control Panel will appear on the left side of your patch.

    add a Monitor and size it however you like. you'll see a wee number 1 in the corner, go into your patch, and find the last Actor before the projector. where it says 'video out' (or similar) click on the text and a box will pop up with Ctl ID Link. if you change this number to 1, then that video stream will appear in the Monitor.
    hope this helps,

  • Got it! Thanks!


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