Recommend a webcam?

  • Can anyone recommend a current webcam for Mac that I can use with Isadora for motion-tracking (using the Eyes actor)?
    I need a quick and simple solution for teaching students:
    The cam should use USB & I should be able to set manual shutter and exposure from within Isadora.
    it also needs to run on OSX.

  • I have been using Logitech's HD Pro Webcam C920 for teaching.
    Best Stephan

  • I really like the sony ps3 eye cam. it has sound and image! all you need is macam! A program which recognises loads of different cams.

  • Will say sony ps3 to

    best , Victor

  • Am also using a pair of £20 identical Logitech USB HD web cam models. Isadora recognises them individually which is nice.

  • My favorite USB cams are salvaged iSight cameras from old iMacs. These are very reliable mac native cams and easy to modify with USB cable. Also rather small in size - 1x5cm stick. The resolution is mostly 640x480 or newer 1280x720 but picture quality is pretty good.

  • Hi Peter, I tried a PS3 eye cam but it didn't seem to work with macam - although I could set brightness, contrast and saturation the camera still changed its exposure automatically (presumably gain and shutter speed are compensating - there are no settings for these). How do you get it to be fully manual for image detection?

  • @nic i haven't used the ps3 for quite a while now and just found out that isadora 2.1 just recognises the cam without "macam". so i set all my needed adjustments like brightness, contrast and saturation

    directly in isadora between the video in watcher and the projector. Make sure you attach the Ps3 before starting Isadora!

  • @gapworks do you get control of the camera directly from this (exposure and white balance etc) or are you just doing post processing with izzy actors?

    You can also use my ps3 to syphon app here, it gives you OSC control of the camera directly and more frame rates and sizes.

  • I use quite a few Logitech cameras; on mac and PC.

  • @vanakaru you always buy cool stuff!

    I love that you recycle the old iSight cameras! Pretty cool idea. 

  • @fred i do post processing. but i will take a look at your ps3 to syphon app. somehow this passed my attention :(

    thanx for the info

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