Ir cut filter for lights

  • Does anyone have any experience cutting the IR content from incandescent lights. I have to use a kinect for skeleton tracking and need super fast pickup of skeletons. I noticed the or content of normal stage lights slows this down by confusing the time of flight system. I can easily fins solutions for going the other way (cutting visible light and passing IR) but the opposite seems harder, well much more expensive to achieve.

  • I have nothing to offer. @Bodo? Do you know anything about IR-cutting filters on lights?

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  • Try Roscolux 1995

    [Rosco website](

  • If you could use filter on Kinect then there are filters for cameras that cut IR.

  • @vanakaru The kinect needs the ir output and camera to work. I need to cut the IR from lights to stop that interfering with the kinects IR.

    @craigAlfredson This is actually pretty close, have you tried it?

  • hallo. you can use lee 269 heat shield. it filters out nearly 90-95 % of heat=ir rays.
    maybe u can use two layers.