Broadcast Value Whilst Jumping to A New Scene

  • I'm upgrading an old project and running into some tricky behaviour.

    Basically I am trying to send a variable from one scene to another whilst I move from one to another.
    In my old patch I jumped to a new scene with a fade time of say 3 seconds and used a trigger delay of 0.5s to broadcast a value to a listener in the next scene.
    With more recent versions I am getting inconsistent behaviour with this method.
    So I put together the attached user actor which seems to work on my mac so long as the delay time is big enough.
    However just tried it on a different windows machine and I need to set the delay to 1s to get consistent behaviour.
    This is too long for my purposes as it is related to media indices and the wrong files play!
    Could anyone suggest a better way of achieving this?
    I thought maybe I should have one scene which is always open for and use this for storing my data, then use a call and response type thing.
    Incidentally if I try a jump actor with fade and broadcast in an empty patch it works fine, it is only with my massive sprawling patch that the inconsistency appears


  • Tech Staff

    I am unable to test right now.. but my feeling is that it may be an order of operations issue.
    are the broadcast, and listener bot located upper left, compared to the playback controls.. this may help get the update value to the player before the 'default' or ? is loaded first.

  • Hmm you could be right but it seems as though the listener in the target scene is not always receiving the broadcast.

  • The rather clumsy method (attached) seems to work more reliably here. b8284d-send_variable_to_scene.izz

  • I could solve my issues by creating control scenes they are active (always) no loss of values, turn scenes on off jump fade………………………………………………………………….. trigger,