• Hi

    In Izzy examples there is a scene featuring video made up of numbers (screenshot att)
    Can I do this with a still JPEG and what actors do I use? as they are hidden in the example.


  • Hello,

    Here is an easy way to do it, with core-image version.

  • sent too early, here is the file 575f91-ascii.png

  • Hi Jacques

    Fantastic, and thank you for you fast reply. Still confused as to how I can replace the letters with specific numbers?
    I need 0's and 1's only.
  • Tech Staff


    Years ago I made an image in Photoshop that is 400px wide and 10px high. See attached image. I think you can do the same by just using 0 and 1.


  • The ascii characters are chosen based on their width and size to represent pixel brightness. I just made a quick test and wrote some software to use only 0 and 1. It will work but you need a very high contrast image with low features. Adding some punctuation (.,-+=) makes it work a lot better. PM me if you dont find another solution.