Isadora 2.0 - Responses and Reactions from the Community

  • although i'm excited to get my hands on Izzy2, i've got a few dates left on a tour where everything is built in Izzy1, so i'll have to wait until December before upgrading. still enjoying reading about everyone's experiences with 2 and looking forward to joining in later in the year.....

  • Finally got round to really testing 2.0b in a practical setting today: mapping setup test with edge blend with 4 short throw projectors, 3 being fed by a triplehead. I didn't have tons of time to dig really deep but there were a couple of things which might be improving the already fantastic workflow.

    1\. when in stage edit mode, it'd be great if there were a keyboard shortcut to switch between inputs (maybe there is, though, and I just didn't look/try hard enough). Now I just went back and forth with the mouse between the desktop of the macbook to select stage 1, live adjust it with the mouse, go back to the desktop, select stage 2, drag the mouse over to stage 2 etc etc.
    2\. again; maybe it's there and I just plain missed it (so much to discover with the new interface and so little time in a day) but a "reset" of the mapping parameters would be fantastic. It's no real hassle to zero everything out manually, but a reset would be cool.
    *applause* for the team, well well well done all!  I'll hang on to  my Madmapper and Blendy licenses for a bit longer, but I think in the foreseeable future they will be shelved. Having Izzy run all that stuff is just plain great instead of switching between apps. I haven't even gotten around to testing videos, looking forward to that

  • Dear @BartvanG,

    Thanks for the report; I look forward to hearing more about how you get on with the new system, but I'm glad it's going well initially
    If you submit these feature requests (please be as clear and detailed as possible) we'll do our best to roll them into a future version.
    All the Best,

  • @Mark

    You seem to be referring to a Movie Player with mutable output, but I can only find the Classic, Movie player Direct and Movie player VR. I'm running the 2.0.0b2 on a windows 7 machine.
    Other than this confusion I'm thrilled with all the new mapping possibilities.

  • Tech Staff


    Can you tell me where you saw the reference to the mutable player? This is in fact something that is currently Mac only. On PC we have the Classic and Texture Players for vid-cpu and vid-gpu respectively.
    I will update the documentation if you can point me in the right direction.

  • @DusX

    I saw it in the Quick start release note pdf. Page 3 explains the concept and page 4 goes deeper into the differences between the gpu and cpu video streams, talking about Mac OS and Windows both.
    Thanks for the explanation that it's Mac only, I'll go back to mapping everything onto everything now.

  • Dear @Mowgli,

    We're in a transition phase, and since Windows does not have AVFoundation, it doesn't really need the new movie player. However, I will fully admit all these different players and formats are confusing. We're going to get that cleaned up before the final release. But let me copy and paste something I just added to the knowledge base:

    Important Note for Windows Users: The new movie player is coming soon to Windows. In the meantime, you’ll be using what we’re now calling the “Classic” Movie Player. Even though it might seem like your not getting a performance boost with the “Classic” version,  rest assured that if you play a WMV or AVI movie with the Classic Movie Player, it will be played by DirectShow for best performance.

    You can read the rest of this useful article -- which is improved from the original Quick Start -- here:

    Hopefully all of that will make things a bit more clear!

    Thanks for the patience,

  • Sorry for being thick but what does mutable player mean?

    They all have volume don't they?

  • Mutable like something capable of changing.. (mutation)

  • Dear @gavspan,

    Some Isadora inputs or outputs are "mutable" -- meaning they can "mutate" to match the input or output to which they are connected -- think for example of the Gate actor, which has these kinds of inputs and outputs.
    The new Movie Player does has a mutable video output providing video outputs in the vid-gpu, vid-cpu, or vid-ci formats (formerly known as texture, video and image) depending on the input to which it is connected. Hook it up to a Texture Projector, and it's vid-gpu. Hook it up to Eyes++ and it becomes vid-cpu. We'll be making more actors operate like this, so that we'll eventually be able to reduce the number of actors which are basically duplicates except for the video format.
    Hope that explains things. (Also, you should read the document: []( -- it make a lot of stuff that's happening with video in 2.0 clear.)

  • Tech Staff

    When I double click for IzzyMap, the window opens behind the project. It wasnt like that before. So I changed some setting, or something else happened. Any ideas how to change that it appears in front? cc6402-screenshot-2014-09-01-13.18.50.png

  • Latest version of Isadora with many fixes has just been posted.
    Best Wishes,

  • Tech Staff

    Great! Solved the problem with the window.

  • @Mark The new b4 is missing all new actors of v.2. When I open my project made with b2 it reports MoviePlayer and TextureProjector missing. Did you upload the right file?

  • Tech Staff

    I have the Texture Projector in the new b4. Strange

  • I found the reason. When I start new beta it starts in Classic theme. But when trying to switch to Modern I am taken to upgrade(purchase) information page. Beta2 worked just fine before installing b4. And now b2 is in Classic only too. Like I have lost the upgrade information.

  • Hmmmm.. @vanakaru, that is very strange. Try re-registering. If you lose a registration, I'll fix it for you.

    Best Wishes,

  • Hallo guys, I now decided to trust the Izzi community finaly and perchased the early adopters option. The offered new features were too interesting to wait any longer. Now I'm happy done it. Especially Izzi map is great advantage. But I'm missing some documentation for the new features. In this forum sometimes it sounds like there are some, but I can't find any and trial and error is hard, espacialy if you can't say for sure if behavior is buggy because of beta or wrong used. Second is, in the screenshot of Izzi interface at your Forum Announcement of V2 there are some interesting 3D actors listed in the Actor libraries. By name 3D Boids and 3D Particles beside some others. I can't find those in my Actorlist. Are those not included yet and if not, will they in future? How ever, it would be great if you could implement those like effect actors with video out so you could do further manipulation to the output.

  • Tech Staff

    Hello @DillTheKraut

    Glad to hear you have made the jump to v2.
    Documentation is still being worked on, but a few important articles are already available.
    1- 2-
    I hope you find these helpful, and if there is something missing or something you feel would be a great addition, please let us know. Our goal is to provide detailed yet easy to use documentation, that addresses the common usage of the software.

  • Tech Staff

    in you can add the arrow keys. they helped me a lot in fine tuning the mapping