What hardware (and audio software) might I need for this project? Help!!

  • Hello, I am really hoping some one can advise me...
    I am working on 2 live sound video pieces for which I will purchase Isadora for. Before I do, I'd like to tell you about the projects to ask what software and hardware I need to purchase to get good results, or if I can update my current PC. I will be working quite a bit with 3 live audio points as input.
    The first piece is simple, it uses audio from three contact microphones picking up the sound of knitting live. The clicks of the knitting will effect the colour of a video, so that louder clicks will deepen the hue and saturation. 
    The second piece involves video shapes that are pulled into the centre of the screen using singing. Each shape is assigned a different pitch, so when all three pitches are met by the singers the shapes will move to overlap together, and will shimmer/wobble to the voice. To attempt to get it as accurate as I can would be good. Here's a clip of something rough I made on an Isadora workshop (without live singers): http://vimeo.com/86839507 To develop this, I would like to get each shape more reactive to specific range of pitches and to change the pitch range for each scene. 
    My current hardware is just an audio mixing desk and PC - Windows 7 Home Premium, HP Pavilion g6, Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2430M CPU @ 2.40GHz processor, RAM 6GB, 64 bit Operating System. 
    What would I need to update this so it would be sufficient for my needs? If that's not ideal what will I software and hardware will I ideally need?  Is mac is better for working with live audio? What additional software for the audio data could anyone recommend?
    Thank you all!!

  • Hello R_M_E
    Well, the audio analysis (frequency analysis) can be done by Isadora. All you have to do it bring in the three contact microphone feeds. Isadora can have up to four live channels of video and audio input simultaneously, so you don't need anything extra for that part.
    Is your mixing desk USB? firewire? or analog? If it connects to your computer directly then you just install the driver for it, and Isadora should see it as a valid input device. However depending on your mixer, it may only have the option to send one mixed output, so you would be then combining three mics into one audio stream for analysis.

  • Hi Jamie - thank you for this - I developed this piece at Space studios in your workshop ... a while back and now it's time to realise it on a bigger scale!

    My mixing desk is analog, and I would only have one mixed input into my laptop.
    Best wishes