Isadora 2.0 - New Pricing and Upgrade Price

  • Dear Isadora Community,

    I hope this finds you all well and enjoying summer.
    We're moving forward with preparations for Isadora 2.0.
    You're going to get a lot of powerful improvements in this version. Given this, some who have been using the 2.0 beta in very high-profile contexts have urged me to raise the price to something far higher than what you'll see in a moment. But in the end, Isadora is a software created _by artists for artists_. While Isadora will clearly continue to be used in high profile commercial events, that is not its core purpose. Isadora was created to make it possible for artists who are not programmers to realize compelling, interactive performances. Isadora exists because of the artists across the world who adopted it and stuck by it over the years. Those artists are my community, and that is the community that I want Isadora to serve.
    Still, as I explained in my open letter to the community, we need to raise the price and start charging for upgrades if the software is going to grow and flourish. Hopefully the features you will receive will make the price of the upgrade well worth it.
    Here's what you'll get with Isadora 2.0:
    **_Features _**(All features are cross platform, unless otherwise noted.)
    • IzzyMap: an integrated projection mapping feature is now built-in to the Projector actor – just double click, and map away. In addition, every parameter of every slice in the map, all the way down to the position of individual Bézier control points, can be published as an input to the Projector actor. This means real-time interactive control of every element within your map.
    • Built-In Edge Blending: Allows you to create seamless panoramas of video by overlapping multiple video projectors.
    • AV Foundation Playback: Highly efficient video playback of H264 and Apple Pro Res codecs using Apple's most recent video playback technology. (Mac OS X only)
    • HAP Codec Support: Blazing fast playback of high-resolution videos.
    • Native Windows Codec Support: Isadora will now play Windows video formats such as WMV and AVI natively, offering much improved performance. (Windows Only)
    • FreeFrameGL Support: Isadora will now support fast GPU based effects based on the FreeFrameGL standard.
    • Javascript: A new Javascript actor allows you to code complex functions using Google's fast V8 Javascript engine
    • Spout Support: Spout is the Windows equivalent to Syphon, allowing low-latency and low-overhead transmission of video from one application to another, such as the depth-mapped image from an XBox Kinect camera.
    • Jitter-Free Rendering: improvements to the video rendering engine will ensure jitter-free playback of your videos.
    • Reliability: We've completely re-worked the video playback engine on Mac OS X to ensure reliable playback of older QuickTime codecs on more recent versions of Mac OS X.
    • Core Video and Core Audio: Now included in every Mac OS X license.
    **_Prices - New Licenses_**
    • Isadora - Standard Price = US$450
    • Isadora - Academic Discount = US$400
    **_Upgrade Prices Existing Licenses_**
    • US$100 per license – for license holders who have purchased either the Core Video or Core Audio upgrade.
    • US$125 per license – for license holders who have not purchased either the Core Video or Core Audio upgrade.
    • Note: Once upgraded, all license holders will have access to the Core Video & Core Audio features.
    • US$100 per license
    There are no academic discounts or volume discounts for the upgrades.
    There is more to say, but for now I need to get back to work coding and testing the final features. But to give you a small sense of what's coming, i'm including a screen shot of the IzzyMap window so you can all have a look.
    More to Come,