• Hi,

    Is it possible to get an email notification when having sent a bug report ?
    As the submit tab stays oppened and filled in my browser after sending the bug report I'm sometimes a bit confused;
    e-mail maybe ?
  • Beta Gold

    Yes it would be easier to track (and remember to verify when be bug is corrected).

  • Izzy Guru

    I am not 100% sure but the new ticketing system should do this when Jamie and/or Ryan pick the bug report up. You may not get an email or notification straight away though.

    I am sure one of them will confirm this in due time. 

  • @keftaparty
    Hi Mehdi,
    You should see an onscreen confirmation of sending the report. Example is attached. On my system in Firefox the confirmation appears in a new separate tab. If you don't see the confirmation splash at all, can you tell me what browser you are using and any other relevant details etc? .... and file a bug report ;) ...
    You next receive a personal email response when the tech staff that has been assigned the ticket responds to it. The aim is for all tickets to have an initial response sent within 24 hours, which allows for timezone differences etc.


  • Hi Jamie,

    I have the onscreen confirmation, but I sometimes get confused when in the middle of 20 tabs I find a crash report window. I am allways wondering if I only closed the confirmation tab or if I never posted the report. 
    Maybe it's possible that the confirmation closes automatically the report page ?

  • Okay, will put this forward as a suggestion.
    thanks, Jamie

  • Dear All,

    I've changed the system now so that the bug reports are sent directly to our help desk system. You should receive a confirmation email now that indicates a ticket has been opened on our system.
    Thanks for the suggestion @keftaparty.
    Best Wishes,

  • Cool! Thank you Mehdi

  • Tech Staff

    Good to know.

  • Dear @primaldivine and @DusX

    The formatting problems with the automatically generated bug reports should be fixed now. I worked on it this morning.
    You can see an example here: https://troikatronix.jitbit.com/helpdesk/Ticket/1351631
    Best Wishes,