Isadora : New Release Date August 15th

  • Dear Isadora Community,

    I am writing to announce that we will push back the release date of Isadora 2.0 until August 15th.

    We know you all want to get your hands on the new features like the new projection mapping feature and HAP support – believe me, we want you have them! But, my singular focus at the moment is to ensure that 2.0 will give you highly efficient, super smooth and totally reliable movie playback on Mavericks and beyond. I want you to be amazed with what you get.

    We all know video playback is the backbone of Isadora, and I can tell you what I've written is working really well: I am now easily playing four 1920x1080 H264 movies on my i7 mini Mac.

    But we just need some more time to make sure it's rock solid. The extra two weeks will allow us to give new playback engine a really through test. It is essential for this important release that 2.0 is as close to perfect as we can manage.

    Thanks your patience and your enthusiasm. We will make it worth your while.

    Best Regards,