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    I'm projecting onto a parabolic church dome and thought I'd try the 3D mesh projector. The Izzy manual say go to Paul Bourke's site for mesh mapper. I was hoping for something a little simpler... sort of a mesh grid that can be push and pulled to make a rectangle fit this sloping ceiling. VPT has a rudimentary mesh and of course mad mapper, but I'm a isadora kinda guy and was hoping for some advice on doing this. I think people have utilized photoshop for a template perhaps...

  • If the projector's position is fixed, you could try to prepare your meshed image in something like Photoshop or After Effects in situ.

  • Tech Staff

    or try to apply it to a 3D model of the same shape as a texture.
    As for the mesh mapper, the site is a little hard to navigate, but he does provide a number of standard meshes, that may work for you.

  • Thanks for the good suggestions... will look into mesh possibilities with Motion 4, which I like to use on site because it can output directly to the projector.

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    Well I really tried hard bu no success with this actor. Mark showed it to me before osc gained the stream setup window. I never succeeded bu now Paul Bourke moved to Quartz composer (I just learnt that) It is definitely worth a shot. I'll play around that next week. http://paulbourke.net/dome/warppatch/