Isadora 2.0 - Availability Starting Monday

  • Dear Isadora Community,

    We had hoped to release the new version of Isadora today, but I'm afraid we can't say "2.0" quite yet. We do, however, want to get the new features that will appear in 2.0 into the hands of our most enthusiastic users. So starting on Monday, you'll have the option of becoming an "early-adopter." Here's what you'll get:

    • IzzyMap - Projection Mapping in Every Projector Actor
    • FreeFrameGL - High Speed, GPU Based Video Effects
    • AVFoundation Video Playback on Mac OS X -- Play 4 x 1920x1080 H264 Clips on a Standard Laptop
    • Spout Support for Windows
    • HAP Codec Support
    • Javascript
    • A Spiffy New User Interface

    Features that will appear over the next few weeks are:

    • Refined Edge Blending Solution
    • Integration of Preferences into the Show Document
    • Documentation and Tutorials
    • Extensive Reliability Testing


    We're inviting interested users to purchase the 2.0 upgrade now. You'll receive the latest and greatest features immediately and the final 2.0 version as soon as it is ready.

    We are putting a keen eye towards reliability for this release. For this reason, if you wish to become an early-adopter, you must send us a message with the following statement:

    "I am requesting permission to purchase an upgrade to Isadora 2.0 while it’s still in beta testing phase. By sending this email, I acknowledge that 1) it is not considered production ready, and 2) only preliminary documentation is available. If I choose to use the public beta version in a production, I do so at my own risk; I understand that crashes and unexpected behavior are possible until the final version of Isadora 2.0 is released."

    Add your name to the bottom and send this statement to us using the form at: using the topic "Upgrades."

    Once we receive your request, you can expect to receive instructions on how to make the upgrade early next week.


    It is my goal to change the culture of this company so the entire community can depend on regularly scheduled releases that are both feature rich and super reliable. We've made great strides in this regard over the past two months: Michel Weber, Graham Thorne, Jamie Griffiths and Ryan Webber have come officially joined the TroikaTronix team to help me make this happen. (Their hard work has been invaluable in ensuring that the version available on Monday is as stable as it is.)

    But transforming a one-man product (me!) into a team operation doesn’t happen overnight. Preparing to release 2.0 has taught us a lot. I feel confident we're headed squarely in the right direction.

    So, thank you again for the unending enthusiasm for my little girl. She got a new set of clothes by the way... have a look. ;-)

    All the Best,