Izzy 2.0: Very Important Note About IzzyMap and Published Inputs

  • I think this point may not be clear to the new users of IzzyMap, os I wanted to spell it out:

    The modulations applied via published inputs _do not_ appear in the editor window. This is a design decision based on the problems that would occur if, for instance, you had a Wave Generator or an active Wii Controller attached to the published input. You'd go into the editor, and you wouldn't be able to edit anything because everything would would be moving around like crazy.

    The published inputs do not edit the map, they modulate it.

    I can see the usefulness of having some kind of button in the editor that would disable editing and allow you to see the modulation. I will consider this for a future version. But for the moment, the IzzyMap editor shows pristine, unmodulated version of the map; published inputs will only affect the output shown on the stage.
    I hope that clarifies things for everyone.
    All the Best,