Raspberry Pi as wireless camera

  • I'm wondering if anyone has tried using a raspberry pi as a wireless video camera into Isadora.  I am workshopping a new piece and the choreographer is interested in using a "Gopro like" camera strapped to the dancers chests.  We started workshopping with actual GoPros, but ran into two issues; first was that there was no way to get the wifi stream into Isadora and two the 5-10 second delay.

    Our second attempt was using an iPhone via Epocam and Syphon into Isadora.  This worked fairly well with between 5 and 10 frames of latency and Syphon worked like a breeze.  The main problem was that the iPhone is a bit fragile and it doesn't "look" like a GoPro.
    Our latest attempt was using a Raspberry Pi with the camera board add-on.  This has also been fairly effective, with about the same latency as Epocam, although the camera doesn't seem to handle motion as well as the iPhone.  The main issue, however, is that I haven't found a good way to get it into Isadora.  The best way I've found so far is to use a web streaming program loaded onto the Pi and then use Syphon Virtual Screen to capture the web page into Isadora.  What I would really love however, and I can't imagine it would be that hard to do, is have a program that can take a web feed and send it directly to Syphon.  Has anyone found such a program?

  • What format and kind of streaming are you getting from the PI?

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    The only one I know of:



  • I may know (have) some solution for this specific task, but not for free, artists need to eat food and pay rent.

    best ....

  • Hi Craig, I dont know of anything commercially available yet. But no doubt at least ten different people are currently working on it! ;) 
    Rob Scharein can probably write an app for this. Are you in Vancouver? As per Rainbow's comment.. would be great if your choreographer could offer a little budget for a custom solution maybe?