Some bugs encountered and solutions on 2.0

  • Hi all,

    I am testing the 2.0 version as much as I can these days. I just want to share some of the bugs that I've encountered, and found some ways to resolve it from happening in case any of you have the same problem. 
    -when having a Movie Player inside a user actor, when you want to update the user actor while the Movie Player is still playing, it may occur a bad crash. 
    solution: turn off the Movie Player (inside this user actor and all of the same duplicated user actor that is in this scene) I've used a key to toggle the movie player, and I make sure I hit that key and turn off all movie players before I press "Save and Update All" user actor. This has resolved my bad crash that occurred constantly for 6 times.
    -layer problem in Classic Projector when using the mapping function. When you use the mapping function, after all is mapped, then you wanted to add another layer, it would not work as before, even in additive mode, it wouldn't blend at all.
    solution: on the layer that you wanted to show in Classic Projector, change layer from 0 to 1\. It for some reason would be in line with other projector that's mapped at set as layer in 0\. I will do more test on it, but I've found this solution so far.
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    Have you submitted bug reports for these issues?

  • I was building a patch for the installation yesterday and experienced crash at several occasions related to movie. Maybe your tip is the one I need. I shall investigate and report later.

  • @Dusx

    I was going to report it if the problem persists and if there were no solutions to it. Then I found the solution, so thought that I should share this info first before reporting it. I'm just concerned about taking Mark away from more important things he's working on. I was thinking that I'll keep the records of it and report them in priority of how severe the problem is. If there's one that has no solution to it, I definitely will, because I will also be stuck for this project that I'm working on.
    let me know if the tip works! make sure you turn off all the movie players in any of the duplicated user actor that you're updating.
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    Please always report the bugs. In first @DusX and @primaldivine will check the bugs and try to recreate them and only then pass them to Mark if they can.


  • @chimerik Yep, bug reports are GOOD :)
    We check and test them and sort their urgency at our end so dont worry about sending them. We welcome them, and it brings the software to total stability much faster.

    pd :)

  • @chmerik,

    Hey Sammy, please submit those bug reports. I want to kill every stinkin' one. ;-)
    Best Wishes,

  • Hi Michel, Jamie and lovely Mark!

    Will do!!!!!! :D Let's get them all!