A way to automatically kill the "unexpected crash" dialog ?

  • Is there a way to ensure that the "Isadora experienced and unexpected crash" dialog does not appear - or automatically goes away after being triggered?

    Context: I have a 24/7 installation up right now that I have been able to ensure will reload after a crash - however I do not know how to keep this error from remaining up on the screen without physical intervention (someone pressing the button the clears the message.)
    Thank you for any guidance.

  • Are you on windows or mac? Sounds like OSX.

    For osx try this in Terminal: defaults write com.apple.CrashReporter DialogType none
    For Windows you can turn it off in the Action Center settings.
    The search bar in your browser is great for this kind of stuff ;-)

  • Mac as you guessed. Sorry to not indicate.

  • Izzy Guru

    I was wondering if you can stop this coming up also:


  • The above should sort that out no? You might need to reboot or at least logout?

  • Just accidentally discovered there is an application, in Mavericks at least, called CrashReporterPrefs.

    If you put the setting on 'Server' it should avoid going into Terminal.

  • This is great! Thank you for the tip!

  • I have it set to ”Server” from the start. The message pops up some times still. BTW OS X 10.6.8

  • I think that maybe I only have the CrashReporterPrefs app because I have Xcode installed.

    As for it not always working, well thats annoying.

  • For those not on Mavericks, am attaching a screengrab of the options window you get from CrashReporterPrefs