URGENT: New Isadora 2.0 Version with Fix for October 1st Bug (Mac Only)

  • Dear Early Adopters,
    As promised, we have a fix for the October 1st bug.
    (If you did not see our previous notification: There was a date related bug in Isadora 2.0, that will appeared on October 1st. Isadora 2.0.0b4 stopped functioning properly after this date for all Mac OS X users. Windows users of 2.0 were not affected.)
    Isadora 2.0.0b12 is available as a direct download at these URLs:
    http://troikatronix.com/files/isadoracore200b12-std.dmg (Standard Version)
    http://troikatronix.com/files/isadoracore200b12-usb.dmg (USB Key Version)
    You will not need to re-register. Just download, run the installer (which will replace 2.0.0b4 as long as you did not rename it), and you'll be good to go.
    Again, we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.