2.0 FreeframeGL Plugins

  • is there a location for FreeframeGL plugins? Will Isadora load plugins from something like resolume?

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  • Tech Staff

    This link goes to a Isadora Pro thread.

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    Freeframe GL plugins need to be located in the defined freeframe folder within the Isadora Preferences.

    My tests show that Isadora will look 2 folders deep in this folder. 
    This allows you to organize your files. FFGL vs freeframe etc 

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    OK, I copied the links @gavspav posted in the pro section:

    There is a [list already on the freeframe site]( but it isn't ever updated! 
    Plus there are the [plugins bundled with the Resolume demo](
    [Bigfugs plugins are here](
    [Here are some from 1210 visuals](
    [Various plugins free and commercial from the Mapio people](
    [Windows Openni plug in](
    [Some effects from Matias Wilkman](
    [A couple from hybrid visuals](
    [Specially for you Dusx here is a windows only ffgl that seems to let you write new plugins in Python!](
    [Few more linked from the Resolume blog](
    [Nice looking triangle plugin - maybe windows only](
    [Couple of plugins from Hive8 - maybe a growing list?](

  • Thanks for all these the FFGL links MIchel & Gav. Nice!

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    Like the IR cosmic pack! More of those!

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