Capture to disk actor only working with FaceTime camera

  • I know, usually the FaceTime camera is the problem.  In this case, FaceTime camera works and several other camera inputs (PS Eye, Composite Videoglide, Blackmagic Extreme) that otherwise are behaving nicely with Isadora will not be captured and added to the media folder--whether movie input is set to add or to a specific file number, whether there are other movies in the media window or not, whether media slots are empty or .  Have reset location of capture folder, no dice.  Have tested and run into this problem with three different machines (MBA on 10.9, MBP on 10.8, and MacPro on 10.9). Isadora 2.0.0b12. (Also tested in 1.5.3f28 and found the same behavior--got an error message when starting/stopping capture then starting again in both versions--filed a bug report from v1.)  Anyone else run into this behavior?  

  • Philifor,
    Thanks for filing the online support ticket bug report on this. We are actively working on some Capture to Disk bug fixes for the next beta release.

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