• Hey guys,

    i´m new to Isadora and the features and possibilities of this application are promising.
    But it feels like there are no complex patches possible. In my attached screenshot i
    mixed two clips in xga resolution(hap), used the live capture as alpha mask and added one 
    qc effect. Now my frame rate is at 17fps and i´m astonished about this fact.
    I´m running Isadora 2.0.0b12.
    grtzzz Jerry


  • Jerry,

    Why not try staying on the GPU for masking?
    You can quickly convert your mask from vid-cpu to vid-ci, and use the CI Blend with Alpha Mask instead of the Alpha Mask node and pipe the comp to a CI Projector?
    I'm new to Isadora too and I have found piping as much through the GPU as possible pays dividends. It's always worth bypassing nodes to see if there's one that is the cause for your performance hit.

  • Thanks a lot! Sure, its better to stay on Gpu.

    I did a workaround on my patch like you said and now the frame rate is around 40fps.
    When i kill the QC actor its around 56fps.
    I found the CI Video in Watcher which gives better performance, but no CI Threshold.
    So i still need the Cpu Video in Watcher and have to convert it after the Threshold.
    grtzzz Jerry