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  • Hi All,

    Is there a specific adapter / cable I could buy to connect an HD camcorder to my macbook pro? The camcorder only appears to have a small hdmi port and a USB port. My macbook has a firewire 800 port. 

  • Most likely you need a video capture device with HDMI input that connects to your mac via FW800. Like this
    BTW please tell us what camera and what computer you are talking about.

  • I'm connecting a Macbook Pro 2012 to a Panasonic V250 camera

  • MBP does not have video capture biult in. So you may be able to connect camera to your mac, but not to transfer LIVE video.

  • I've seen others achieve this. Is it because I'm using an HD camera?

  • Tech Staff

    Nope nothing to do with HD/SD.

    If your camera has a firewire output (mini Dv) then you should be able to connect it straight into the firewire 800 port.
    It will have a good few frames delay on it though as its older technology now.
    Mini DV to FW 800 are difficult to come by I've found. Buy you can get a FW400 to FW800 adapters though which often works out cheaper. 

  • Maybe you could use the built in WiFi feature of this camera...

  • If you have a Firewire connection on the camera this, may be of interest.

    I haven't tried it yet but I plan to in the coming weeks as I've got some old DV and HDV cameras that could be used instead of collecting dust.

  • Thanks for all the replies. The camera doesn't have a mini DV port. It has an HDMI mini port, a USB port and an AV port. The wifi option, from what I can gather, only works via UStream. Probably someone with more than my basic knowledge would be able to work it out. Any other suggestions? Should I just try working with a good quality webcam instead?

  • Tech Staff

    In that case you defiantly need a capture device.

  • without a separate capture device, you won't be able to get a video feed through the camera's ports you mention, so a webcam might be a viable option.

  • Is there a good quality webcam out there anyone could suggest? Or A capture device? Image quality is pretty important for the piece. Thanks

  • Tech Staff

    Im tempted to say webcam on this occasion.

  • Tech Staff

    Ive used these before and work great on mac and pc:

  • Thanks for the advice. The problem is that I need the camera to stand alone, to be angled correctly and possibly zoom out. Will the cable from the camera to the laptop be long enough? Will it be possible to angle the webcam? And zoom?


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