• I'm looking for thoughts from the Isadora community on the latest (2014) Mac Mini. I reading that the CPU's, particularly the i7 have been downgraded resulting in slower performance on some tasks.

    I'm considering ordering a 2.8 GHz i5 with 8 GB RAM and a 256 flash drive.
    Would appreciate any feedback.

  • The fact that the Mac Mini is now dual core rather than quad core has ruled it out from being a render node for a small office render farm, this and the soldered in RAM hasn't endured apple to a number of 3D artists I know.

    However, the top i7 version looks like it's quite a nice media work and the new Iris Pro GPU is quite a good performer for an integrated part with some quite respectable OpenCL scores. For a lot of media work GHz beats number of cores but you'll have to determine that on a project basis but for VJ type work it looks pretty good especially with the SSD option.
    Personally, I'd pay the apple RAM tax and go with 16 GB as there's no way to upgrade in the future.

  • Thanks Unfenswinger. I found some old stock at a dealer today, but no i7's available. I ended up with a 2012 i5 2.5 GHz, 8 gigs of RAM and a 256 SSD. I have Mavericks OSX installed. It's a huge step up from my late 2009 MacBook Pro.

    At least I'll be able to add more RAM and switch out the hard drive.