Best configuration macpro 2013 for multichannel videoinstallation

  • Hello All,

    iam planing an upcomming multichannel videoi/audio- installation with 9-10 full HD projections (each has sound)...i would like to buy 2 macpro 2013 (each has to run 4-5 1920x1080 pro res 422 mov.files and audi via motu traveler) - all has to run in sync as a loop (MTC movie locker) -crossfades to other 4-5 mov.files should be possible without glitches (but not nessesary until now) i would go for thunderbold to VGA adaptation as i have heard than no activ dvi adapter are nessesary and i can just run 4-5 times fullhd bei vga signal out of one machine.... iam wondering if there is anybody which has experience with a simlar setup and can give me some hints for the best configurated macpro which fits my budget of round aboute 8000.00€ - i would use the new izzy 2 beta with the new movie player gpu possibilites
    in this case for instance make it more sense to buy a machine with just a quad core processor but the 3gb graphiccards or better to go for the 6 core with just 2gb graficcard and maybe more ram instead? ...and so on (256gb ssd is enough)

    thanks in advanced
    ciao Bodo