Isadora 2.0.0b16 Available + Status Report

  • Dear Community,

    First, I want to announce that a new version of the Isadora 2.0 pre-release, v2.0.0b16, has been made available [on this page]( The TroikaTronix team, which includes our quality and assurance testers (@Primaldivine and @DusX) along with your forum moderators (@Michel and @Skulpture) all feel that this is a solid release; so we would encourage you to upgrade right away. You can find a list of bug fixes included in this version at the end of this post.
    (Remember, you **will not be able to ****access the Isadora 2.0 features** unless you have joined our "early adopters" program and purchased the 2.0 upgrade. You can learn more about becoming an early adopter [here](
    But, we obviously have also missed our mark of releasing by the end of November. And there is still some work to do before we can officially release 2.0\. I am going to have a discussion with the team today to discuss a release date. As soon as we've come to a decision, we'll publish the date and commit to it.
    One important reason for this delay is the inclusion of direct video capture from BlackMagic video devices using their custom software interface. Because we're bypassing everything in the operating system, you will get the lowest latency and highest quality capture possible. (It also solves the problem that some formats were not available.) I must say here that the TroikaTronix team really fought for the community on this topic. I was not inclined to add this feature because I knew it would put us behind schedule. They really did a lot to convince me that it would be worth it, and in the end, I agree that they were 100% right. Hopefully you'll all benefit from this powerful new option.
    The 2.0.0b16 version above does not have the Blackmagic support in it yet. We're still testing this to make sure it's really solid. But if you are actively using Blackmagic hardware and you want to give it a try, please send me a private message on this forum and we can get you a build that includes the Blackmagic capture.
    Thanks for your patience and support. I am literally working round the clock to get everything done as quickly as possible. Thanks to the team, I am confident that the final release will be the most reliable we've ever made. It will be worth the wait.
    More to Come,
    Thank You,