Chop Pixels vs. Separate Video Files - Peformance

  • Hi, when spanning multiple screens with a video (HD), I am wondering if the better performance choice would be (a) render a single large video that the chop pixels actor divides between the screens so only one file needs to be read from disk, or (b), rendering out multiple pre-split video files so less processing is needed by Izzy to play back, and so each file is less work to decompress.

  • Beta Tester

    I seem to recall that the chop pixels actor is relatively processor intensive so you are probably better off pre splitting your video. That said, it shouldn't be hard for you to test both scenarios and see which gets you better framerates.

  • btw, the fastest-seeming solution to this for me so far has actually been to render a single video file and use the Sprite actor to slide it left and right for the various outputs.  Even got better frame rates than using actors like pan-spin-zoom.  Both of these options indeed far surpassed the speed of using chop-pixels

  • @dbengali

    I was interested in your use of the Sprite Actor and was playing around with it.  Through the course of my experiments, I discovered that the Matte and Matte++ Actors have even less of a performance hit for me!