Questions about Isadora SDK

  • Hi all,

    I created my first Isadora plugin and am finishing this project with a few questions. Any insight would be welcome.
    1\. What is the way to provide a dynamic feedback:
          -- give a status as a string, for example "loading", "invalid url".
          -- drive a progress bar (for example, if the gstreamer plugin knows the length of the movie, show how much has been played so far)
          -  provide various triggers (for example, for the movie playback end, or playback frame)
    2\. What is the way to produce a video gpu output and use a video gpu input? The examples in the SDK are for video cpu output.

  • Dear @eight,

    I am going to put a high priority on updating the Isadora SDK once we get through the other basic concerns: finishing the documentation, updating the website, etc., etc. I have to prioritize those items, so you'll have to be a little bit patient regarding the SDK. In the 1.3 SDK, here is no wayto ask Isadora to give you a Framebuffer Object (FBO) in which you can do your OpenGL work. (It's in the program now, but not in the released SDK.) It's going to be a least a couple of weeks before I get this doen. But what I will do as soon as possible is 1) make the SDK available,  2) post an example Isadora plugin that uses that SDK to to something useful with OpenGL. Thanks for your patience. Unfortunately, this isn't something that someone else on the team has the skill to handle.

    Best Wishes,

  • Any news about the new SDK ?