IMPORTANT: Bug in 2.0.0b28 - Movie Player 'loop end' and 'position' outputs

  • Dear All,

    So, at some point between 2.0.0b16 and 2.0.0b28, I made a mistake and changed the four letter code used to identify the 'loop end' and 'position' outputs on the new Movie Player 2.0. This means is that connections from those two outputs are lost upon opening a 2.0.0b16 file in 2.0.0b28.
    **This only affects the new, 2.0 Movie Player** (the one that outputs vid-gpu, vid-ci _and_ vid-cpu.) The classic Movie Players are not affected.
    If you have opened and saved your file in 2.0.0b28, then opening again in 2.0.0b16 will not restore the connections. Once you save in 2.0.0b28, they are lost.
    We have a solution but that requires giving you a new build.
    In the mean time, make backups of any critical patches created with the New Movie Player. If you must move forward with b28, then you'll need to check your patches and reconnect those outputs manually.
    We will have something for you within 24 hours.
    We apologize for any inconvenience.
    Mark + The Team