Isadora 2.0.1 is Available - Download Now!

  • Dear All,

    A new build of Isadora is ready. This version solves a critical bug found in the 2.0.0b28 release.
    Isadora v2.0.0b28 would lose connections between the New (2.0) Movie Player's 'position' and 'loop end' outputs. (None of the Classic [1.0] Movie Players were affected.)

    If you opened an older patch (pre 2.0.0b28) and then saved it while working in 2.0.0b28, connections from the new Movie Player's 'position' and 'loop end' outputs will have been lost. You will need to reconnect them manually.

    2.0.1 will open all files (including those saved in b28) correctly.

    I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

    The download links at the bottom of the the [Isadora 2.0 release notes]( have been updated. Please download the new version from there.
    Mark Coniglio - Creator of Isadora