Matrox TripleHead2Go Digital Edition compatibility with MBP

  • Hello Izzy users. I am attempting to use a Matrox TH2G Digital Edition with a MBP. I know that this unit is not designed to be used with a MBP, but I do not have a Digital SE or DP version available at the moment. Initially I was getting positive results going into the Matrox unit with both VGA and DVI options and would prefer to use DVI if possible, however this has stopped working altogether and I'm only getting partial success with VGA input.
    Have any Izzy users had success with MBP - TH2G Digital Edition combination? If so, what settings are you using with Matrox PowerDesk software / Izzy and are you connecting to the Matrox unit with a VGA cable and Mac adapter or DVI cable and Mac adapter? 
    Thanks in advance for your help and suggestions.

  • @Paz,

    Hmmmm... the lighting designer of Troika Ranch figured how to get his digital edition to give us full 1024x768 on each display, but I cannot remember exactly what he did to pull it off. He's a little hard to get a hold of these days, so I'm not sure I can get an answer from him.
    I do remember that an Apple Mini DisplayPort to Dual-Link DVI Adapter was somehow involved.
    I guess all I can tell you is that there is way to do it. Maybe the Dual-Link provides a clue.
    Best Wishes,

  • Thanks for your quick response Mark. It's very useful information and I'll persevere with my attempts using the Mac Adaptor and Dual-Link DVI cable.

    Best wishes

  • I have found SwitchResX to be useful with these Matrox products for forcing specific resolutions.

  • Another tip.. sometimes they seem to refuse to run at a triple-wide resolution setting but on Mavericks and Yosemite, in the Displays System Preferences, you can Option-Click on 'Scaled' and it will then reveal a much larger list of Resolution choices, including the triplewide ones.
    (NB you dont need to install SwitchResX for that to work)

  • @primaldivine - ta fer that one... wasn't aware of option click on scaled. Explains a lot!

    @paz - yep, to get widest list of working resolutions you really need the active dual-link dvi display port adapter. A standard passive display port to dvi or vga adapter craps out before you get to usable (by today's standards) triple-screen resolutions.

  • @primaldivine - thank you for the advice and link. I think SwitchResX will come in very useful.

    @Marci - looks like I have the passive version - thank you for making me aware of the active variety. Guess I will have to look at whether it is more cost effective to purchase the active adapter or shell out for the DP version of the triple head.

  • I can confirm that my TripleHead2go Digital edition does work with a Dual Link DVI Adapter (bought a used one for 90 Euros) on Yosemite. With a standard mini display to VGA/DVI adaptor there was no chance to get it to work. I have´t tried with a 3rd Monitor as i only need 2 (Projectors in the final Version)


  • I just went through this struggle as well. Deep in the Matrox website I found that my MacBook Pro (mid-2012) was not compatible with the Digital Edition.

    I haven't tried the active DVI hack, will go back to do that.  
    However: I splurged on a Triplehead2Go DP (Display Port) edition, running out to VGA -> no problems.

  • Hello,
    Sorry for reviving an old thread.
    Recently I got a Dual Link DVI Adapter to be used on the TripleHead2Go Digital Edition, but for some reason I cannot make it work. I am wondering if cables have anything to do with this problem. The Dual Link adapter has DVI-D output but this matrox unit has DVI-I input and outputs. What is the right cable to use on this situation? I am using using DVI-I to VGA adapters on the outputs.
    Since I am running an old 32-bit sound card the operating system used is 10.6.8. Does anyone know if this could be a problem?
    Any help will be much appreciated.


  • Hey! I just struggled as well.  After talking to Matrox on the phone, MY issue was infact, the cables.

    ALL cables needs to be Dual Link, and I went one step further and got the cables with full analog pins, although I was told it wasnt necessary.
    Also, I was told there's a stock DVI cable that comes with the TH, and 'that's the supported cable', but I was able to get it working with a really high end DVI cable.
    Not sure if that helps anyone, but for once in my life... cables mattered.
  • Izzy Guru

    Thanks for sharing! @vinceromanelli

  • @gapworksI'm encouraged to hear that it's worked for you, as I will be attempting myself soon. I have one your setup capable of 3840x720 resolution and 50htz refresh rate (or 50 frames per second)?

    @vinceromanelli - Would you also be able to comment if the setup with the Dual Link DVI Adaptor can produce 3840x720 resolution at 50htz refresh rate (or 50 frames per second)