Matrox TripleHead2Go Digital Edition compatibility with MBP

  • I have found SwitchResX to be useful with these Matrox products for forcing specific resolutions.

  • Another tip.. sometimes they seem to refuse to run at a triple-wide resolution setting but on Mavericks and Yosemite, in the Displays System Preferences, you can Option-Click on 'Scaled' and it will then reveal a much larger list of Resolution choices, including the triplewide ones.
    (NB you dont need to install SwitchResX for that to work)

  • @primaldivine - ta fer that one... wasn't aware of option click on scaled. Explains a lot!

    @paz - yep, to get widest list of working resolutions you really need the active dual-link dvi display port adapter. A standard passive display port to dvi or vga adapter craps out before you get to usable (by today's standards) triple-screen resolutions.

  • @primaldivine - thank you for the advice and link. I think SwitchResX will come in very useful.

    @Marci - looks like I have the passive version - thank you for making me aware of the active variety. Guess I will have to look at whether it is more cost effective to purchase the active adapter or shell out for the DP version of the triple head.

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    I can confirm that my TripleHead2go Digital edition does work with a Dual Link DVI Adapter (bought a used one for 90 Euros) on Yosemite. With a standard mini display to VGA/DVI adaptor there was no chance to get it to work. I have´t tried with a 3rd Monitor as i only need 2 (Projectors in the final Version)


  • I just went through this struggle as well. Deep in the Matrox website I found that my MacBook Pro (mid-2012) was not compatible with the Digital Edition.

    I haven't tried the active DVI hack, will go back to do that.  
    However: I splurged on a Triplehead2Go DP (Display Port) edition, running out to VGA -> no problems.

  • Hello,
    Sorry for reviving an old thread.
    Recently I got a Dual Link DVI Adapter to be used on the TripleHead2Go Digital Edition, but for some reason I cannot make it work. I am wondering if cables have anything to do with this problem. The Dual Link adapter has DVI-D output but this matrox unit has DVI-I input and outputs. What is the right cable to use on this situation? I am using using DVI-I to VGA adapters on the outputs.
    Since I am running an old 32-bit sound card the operating system used is 10.6.8. Does anyone know if this could be a problem?
    Any help will be much appreciated.


  • Hey! I just struggled as well.  After talking to Matrox on the phone, MY issue was infact, the cables.

    ALL cables needs to be Dual Link, and I went one step further and got the cables with full analog pins, although I was told it wasnt necessary.
    Also, I was told there's a stock DVI cable that comes with the TH, and 'that's the supported cable', but I was able to get it working with a really high end DVI cable.
    Not sure if that helps anyone, but for once in my life... cables mattered.

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    Thanks for sharing! @vinceromanelli

  • @gapworksI'm encouraged to hear that it's worked for you, as I will be attempting myself soon. I have one your setup capable of 3840x720 resolution and 50htz refresh rate (or 50 frames per second)?

    @vinceromanelli - Would you also be able to comment if the setup with the Dual Link DVI Adaptor can produce 3840x720 resolution at 50htz refresh rate (or 50 frames per second)