• Hello All,

    [EDIT: go to release notes and download links: [http://troikatronix.com/download/isadora-pre-releases/](http://troikatronix.com/download/isadora-pre-releases/) ]
    [EDIT: ***IMPORTANT*** Turn off threaded movie playback. It is no longer recommended and will be removed]
    I have been pretty absent from the forum for the past two or three weeks for reasons that will hopefully become clear when you read the release notes for the new version I've uploaded today.
    But let me start by thanking those in the community who answered questions and offered help in my absence. You are a wonderful group of people. Thank you.
    I want to let the dust settle on this for new a few days. But next week, I'll outline some for you the features that will come soon -- things that I know are burning desires for many of you. Uh, did someone in the crowd say "syphon"? Yes, I thought so. ;-)
    I focused my time over the last months on _performance_**.** All the bells and whistles in the world aren't going to help if the base of the program isn't rock solid. Part of what sent me in this direction was my visit to the ranch/production studio of Francis Ford Coppola where we worked for a week on this interactive film project. The head technician there – who is a great guy – was as tough as nails when it came to issues of quality -- if there was one pixel out of place, he'd see it immediately. We solved some of the problems that week, but I really set out to improve performance and stability as much as I possibly could.
    To be sure, there was a fair deal of trouble along the way. Perhaps may Facebook status of August 9th will give you a sense of that:
    _If I find one more inconsistency between the HD Graphics 3000 and Radeon 6750M drivers I'm gonna throw a rock so hard it will fly from Berlin all the way to Cupertino where it will smash a window at Apple!!!!!_
    That was most certainly a very grumpy day.
    But some bells and whistles are very much due. And their actually there already; they've just not be fully tested and released to the public. That's my next task: get all those features working ASAP and get them in your hands.
    In the meantime, please have a look at the [release notes](http://troikatronix.com/isadora-1-3-0f25-release-notes/) to see what I've been doing and to download 1.3.0f25\. There's a _lot_ of changes under the hood. But fair warning: there's going be a bug; there's just "gonna". So please only move to this version if you're in a creative phase, not in the midst of a show.
    Special to the Windows Users: your downloads aren't ready; there's one last bug I'm fighting. I anticipate something for you no later than next Monday.
    Finally, since I have your attention I'll share one nice bit of news: I have been nominated in the Arts category of the [World Technology Awards 2012](http://www.wtn.net/), which is hosted by CNN, Time, Fortune Magazine and others. All crossed fingers/pressed thumbs towards my becoming a finalist will be much appreciated.
    Thanks for listening. I look forward to your response to this new version and to hearing of any problems you might encounter.
    Warmest Wishes,