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    Hi, I had a ENTTEC DMX USB PRO to work with Isadora 2.0.1 and it was working very well. Unfortunately I no longer have this magic box and now I try to use the same patch with ENTTEC OPEN DMX. But nothing append. Somebody knows if it should work normally ? Has someone any experience with this ?

    Thank you very much !

  • The Pro Dongle works with the Patch but the Open Dmx Dongle is not compatible ! I was hoping the same thing :( S i got myself a Entecc PRO. It was only 90 €. And i´m just about to finish a patch (see attached pic) which will be available for download in this forum. It think you will like it.



  • Aïe !! So I've to buy the PRO version. Here in Paris it's 150 € ! Anyway, I can also use a LANBOX-LCX, do you know if it's compatible ?

  • I´m afraid no, because the price for a Lanbox is out of my range. I´ts a brat piece but i find it way to expensive for my needs. And i don´t like LcEdit.

    DMX-King is another Solutionthat seems to work fine!

  • Hello,

    Enttec and lanbox are not in the same league. With Enttec you send all your channel from you computer, it's sometimes quite a big load and you have to reinvent the wheel with isadora: masters, sequence etc.
    With lanbox, all is inside the box, cues, time, chase. You just have to send order from Isadora and the lanbox take all the load. Yes LCedit is not very friendly, but it's rock solid and in the case of Isadoa crashing, you still have it to send the cues (it append…).
    You have 3 ways to communicate simultaneously, USB, midi and FJ45, so different software can send orders at the same time and you can choose what type of mix between them (HTP, LYP, transparency).
    Finally you can use artNet, so you can send some cues with D::Light.
    Just to give you a more open choice!
    All the best,

  • @hatfab   
    The Lanbox is a lot more expensive (I saw a secondhand one recently for $350...) than the Enntec DMX Pro and does have more functions. It does work well with Isadora however.

  • Thanks jhoepffner and all for thats precisions. I have the chance to work with a LandBox-LCX, let's test it !

  • I'm jumping in here a bit late, but I can definitely confirm that the Open DMX version is not compatible with the DMX Pro. On the Open DMX version, you have to control every single element of the stream directly -- including sending the special "break" signal between packets. Good for hackers maybe, but really, spend the 150 EUR (or whatever it is) and get the DMX pro. You'll be happier.

    Or, as Jacques, correctly suggested, the LanBox which is great and does a lot for you.


  • really glad to catch this thread now - thankyou! was just trying to decide whish to go for!

    by the way gapworks - your interface looks like a thing of beauty!

  • Tech Staff

    just to add.. I have had great success with products from DMXking.

    and the new micro, is Enttec pro compatible, and a great price point.

  • @ gapworks
    Your ENTTEC patch seems very interesting !
    I've never totally understood how to make ENTTEC work well with Isadora.
    Could I have a look when it's done ?


  • @ fifou of course! it will still take some time to finish it but hen i put it online for download!

  • For those a little wild at heart a DIY solution for DMX


  • btw - i'm selling a Lanbox LCE - the old one that doesn't have USB connection. you connect via RJ45 and i've run DMX directly out of Isadora through it with no problems. no box, but in VGC, with cable and original power supply. 80GBP (plus postage) - PM me if anyone's interested.

  • dear @gapworks , 

    could you post your patch for usb-dmx pro? i Already have someting in max msp but i would prefer to use just isadora 3 for this project, 

    is it compatible with the new version? bests

  • Izzy Guru


    @gapworks has uploaded his file here: https://community.troikatronix...

    Best Michel

  • @michel thanks !

  • @Michel  though patch is not  working with isa 3...

    bugs of display ( freezes) and fader don't follow  mouse...

  • Izzy Guru


    because its @gapworks patch he would be the best to look at it.

    Best Michel

  • @Michel  it seems the problem comes from the matrix actor cos it 's a @mark based patch, using https://community.troikatronix...

    @dbini experienced the same pb with this subpatch, i submitted a ticket ;-) thanks a lot for your reply