HDMI Canon Vixia not recognized

  • Hello all,

    I'm sure this is easy.
    Just bought a Canon Vixia to create a live feed for a show.  It is an HDMI  output going into a Mac Mini - HDMI input.
    Live Capture Settings doesn't recognize the device in Scan for Devices.  It does recognize another Sony camera going into the FireWire port that I tried as a test.  But not the HDMI camera.  Need HDMI due to the length of the cable run.
    I'm using 1.30of24...but will try it through 2.0 version when I get it installed.
    Anything I need to do for the camera to be recognized by the mac first?  
    Thanks for the speedy response; tech tonight.

  • Hello,

    What do you call  "Mac Mini - HDMI input" ?

  • Using the HMDI port on the back of the mac....

    Won't this work?  Yikes.

  • I'm sorry to say that it's an output...
    You can capture HDMI with a blackmagic intensity shuttle or cheaper, a BlackMagic ultrastudio mini recorder.
    These are the cheapest solutions I know..



  • Gotcha...


  • I have a Canopus ADVC-100 for a older camera with composite cable.  Another digitizer has worked in the past for me.  But this Canopus is borrowed and the 2 blue LED Analog and Digital in signal and the red Status LED is constantly on.

     That's my quickest solution but it doesn't work.
    Any ideas on the Canopus? 
  • Tech Staff

    What type of connection are you using for the Canopus?

  • Composite from the camera into the Canopus and firewire coming out to the mac.

  • Tech Staff

    Ah... I was thinking the Canopus was a camera. Was a little confused.

    I can only say that if you can get the latest drivers installed and get the software working on its own, that I would then expect that it should work with Isadora.
    How old is this item?

  • Dear @adamparboosingh

    I have a Canopus ADVC-110, which is essentially the same but doesn't require a power supply. Isadora 2.0 works with this unit.
    Check these things:
    1) There are some dip switches on the bottom. Make sure your unit is set to the proper format: NTSC or PAL.
    2) Make sure that the "Analog In" light is on... you need to press the "Input Select" button to ensure this.
    3) If the red LED is solid, I think you're good.
    4) Note: you can set the "Power On Input Mode" so that it defaults to analog the DIP switches 
    5) Link  to the manual: https://finearts.uvic.ca/sim/equipment/manuals/_av_convert/advc100.pdf
    Best Wishes,