Go pro HERO 3+ wifi streaming to izz

  • Hi,

    I am trying to get a wifi live streaming from a Go pro hero3+ to izz.
    Any body has any luck with it?
    Is it Possible?

  • I have done streaming to Mac with Hero3. Delay/latency is in seconds(3-4). I stopped there - useless for live.

    Search: here have been discussions about the topic before.

  • Use an IPad and Epoccam + Epoccam Viewer Pro on the computer. Worked great for me in this show I collaborated on and (gasp!) performed in.
    Do **not** however download the drivers listed at the bottom of that page (the link that reads "Download Mac OS X beta drivers") You need to use Epoccam Viewer Pro and bring the video into Isadora via Syphon.
    Best Wishes,

  • Epoccam + iPhone6 works fine for me

  • Tech Staff

    I use TCPSyphonClient and Server for mac and TLRemote Camera and TLSyphon Viewer, with this bundle you can either send the camera feed of the iphone to your computer/Isadora or you can send your Isadora output to your iphone. Its all free and works well.


  • Also gave up on GoPro streaming due to latency and switched to iOS devices, but even then I'm having issues where EpocCam's latency gradually grows throughout a show... to the point that 2 hours in it's also out by upto 20 seconds. AirBeam Pro seems to work better for me over longer periods of time - 4 hours with no more than 300ms latency. Or is this just me?

  • FYI, the show I mentioned above was only 60 minutes, but since i was doing a a sort of "live edit" at the end, sync didn't matter. (The audience never saw the live feed.)


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