• Hello All,

    We've released another incremental update that solves several bugs. Everyone should upgrade to 2.0.5.
    You can get it from the normal downloads page at
    The 2.0.5 Release solves the following issues:
    • You can now feed a background image into the Text Draw actor.
    • Further bugs in the 2.0 Actor Processing Model have been addressed.
    • In some cases, Secondary Scenes activated via the Activate Scene actor, would render at half intensity. This has been fixed.
    • Problems rendering Quartz Composer patches (.qtz) files that use the "Billboard" output should be solved. Please let us know if you find this is not the case
    • When using the new Grouped by Scene layering mode, Secondary Scenes now render in the same way they did in Isadora 1.x.
    • A new input called 'exec src' has been added to the Selector, Router, and Gate actors. If you were using these actors to "block" upstream actors from executing, you will need to change this input from the default setting. For complete details, please read the new knowledge base article Making Your Patch More Efficient with the Gate, Selector and Router Actors.
    • If you cut a Scene that had been resized, and then chose Undo, the Scene would come back at the default size. This has been fixed.
    • Isadora will now display an informative error if you try to show the Stage on a display that does not support OpenGL 2.0. (This really only affects Windows XP users; more recent operating systems all have OpenGL 2.0)
    • When in demo mode, Isadora no longer marks the file as needing to be saved after resolving missing video. Thus, the "Save Changes" dialog will never be shown.
    • On Mac OS X, the Text Draw now behaves correctly after feeding it an empty string. (In previous versions, once you fed an empty string to the Text Draw actor, it would not render text until you left the scene and came back.)
    • Several potential crashes related to hiding and then showing the Stage in Scenes containing the new Video Mixer, Video Fader, and the video conversion actors (e.g., Video to Texture) have been fixed.