Alpha channel blending with GPU?

  • Hi Mark,

    thanks a lot for the plugin. it works almost perfect. the framerates are great. I get 27 with my 2011 MBP i7. 
    Strangely when I connect a syphon to texture actor to the alpha actor it doest spit out anything on the other side. I did it like in the image below and thats how it works (its only a 3 frame loss).
    But the difference to the original alpha actor is that it makes this black glow around the mask when using a blur. 
    In order to reproduce the old actor i just made the alpha channel and another projector with the background video on a lower layer then the alpha.
    Do you have a suggestion to reproduce this with the new alpha actor you made?

    a66bf7-bildschirmfoto-2015-03-17-um-14.15.12.png 5c8489-bildschirmfoto-2015-03-17-um-14.18.51.png

  • Very nice plugin. Works like a charm. Thank you!!!

  • @zanetti
    Possible to upload a bigger screengrab? When I try to zoom in to see the actors, its too pixellated.

  • @primaldivine you just have to click on it than it appears bigger. it is native resolution of my screen, so cant go higher ;)

  • Wonderful!

    Thanks, Mark!
    Best wishes,

  • Is there any plans on a GPU Chroma Key?

  • Tech Staff

    @Ubik  there are big plans ;)

    @zanetti please test if bypassing Gaussian Blur fixes the issue for you.

  • Hi @DusX Yes deactivating it is fixing it, but i need it. The difference ist that before i was using the alpha mask actor, which mixes two images somehow neatly with a third image, the mask. but the addalphachannel obviously delivers a black backround with one image within the alpha channel. if i blur that, there is gonna be black in the blur too...i'll try to workaround it

  • Dear @zanetti,
    I'll have an update for you tomorrow morning that will allow you to handle the dark halo.
    Best Wishes,

  • I have the same problem as @zanetti when connecting a 'syphon to texture' actor : no output from FFGLAddAlpha... If I connect the syphon actor directly to a projector, I can see it works perfectly. MBP i7 2.3 Ghz 16 Go RAM OSX 10.8.5
    Edit : in fact, same problem with the syphon to texture actor when connectoed to 'video mixer', 'video fader', 'threshold', Im going to start a new thread about that.

  • Tech Staff

    The Syphon to Texture issue is addressed in an upcoming release.

    In the meantime using syphon to video and converting will work in all cases.

  • Thanks, it does the trick for now.