Matrox Triple-Head-2-Go buying advice

  • Hi all,

    I'm looking at buying one of the triple head splitters and according to the comparison tool, I am good to go on any of the models but I can't tell the difference between them all based on the website info. 
    Can anyone recommend a best choice for me or give me some guidance?

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    At the moment the best choice is the "digital ME edition", input with a DP plug (mini DP to DP is included) and 2 or 3 DVI outputs (with easy HDMI conversion, I don't know for VGA).

    It's the only way to have 2 or 3 full HD output.
    I just buyer 2 dualHead digital ME to output 4 720p from a basic mac Mini, it works perfectly well.
    Hope that helps, Jacques

  • Hi Jacques,

    Thanks for this :) 
    I'm looking at the triple head one though which doesn't do an ME edition, it has Digital, Digital SE and DP Edition, do you have any experience of these?
    @Mark Do you have any recommendations?

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    I use a Matrox TripleHead2Go DP Edition with my MacBookPro. (Input DP->MiniDP included)
    Running OSX 10.9, using either 3 DP->VGA or 3 DP->HDMI StarTech adaptaters (sold separately).
    I didn't tried to mix HDMI and VGA outputs for the moment but it should work.


  • @Bootzilla,

    I'm afraid I don't. I've still got the old analog TH2Go, and I need to update too.
    Best Wishes,

  • Tech Staff

    I have the Triple Head DP via thunderbolt: I have 6 adapters: 3 to VGA and 3 to DVI both work

  • Tech Staff

    I've only used the DVI version (with VGA adaptors)....
    but I am interested in the miniDisplayPort (via my pc thunderbolt connection)... wish I could test it first.

  • As best as I can tell, the DP edition will run full HD res on all three outputs, whereas the SE requires dual-link DVI input to do so. Am in the same boat here, but it's cheaper to buy an active dual-link DVI to DP adapter and continue using the old one.

  • I have the Triple DP edition running off my 17 inch MBP. I have two sets of adaptors: one for VGA and one set for HDMI. Works very well for me.

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